André Laflèche - Conférencier/Speaker

Seasoned Entrepreneur, Mentor, Investor


Originally from Casselman, Mr. Laflèche is a seasoned entrepreneur and visionary, well-known not just in the local community but indeed across the francophone economic landscape of Ontario and Canada. Completing his junior studies in 1964, he immediately joined the labour market and became a “model employee” of both the Casselman and St. Albert cheese production companies. His adventures then took him to Sudbury where he worked as a miner. He was well on his way to making both smaller and larger projects happen. In the ‘70’s he worked as a supervisor for 417 construction moving on to other large infrastructure projects like LG2 and the James Bay Caniapiscau project. By the end of the decade he had developed a “burning passion” for entrepreneurship. From 1979 to 1986 he established and managed A1 Paving, founding Sols CALCO Inc. in 1986, Laflèche Environmental in 1997 and Moose Creek Tire Rycycling in 2004.  He wasn’t done yet – then creating LLSR in 2006. “Serial entrepreneur”, top-class manager and committed citizen earned him recognition by RDEE Ontario and RDEE Canada. Other honours continued to follow.
“All my life I have worked to make a difference. It is very gratifying to now be recognized by the communities and companies that I have worked to help.” André Laflèche